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Why Your Engine Needs Special Fuel and Synthetic Oil During the Summer

Inside the engine different fluids are running to help carry out certain functions. Motor oil and gasoline are two of those essential fluids, without one or the other your vehicle would not go very far. Today at Austin Synthetics, we want to discuss the indispensable necessity to use special gasoline and synthetic oil in your engine during the summer. Also, if you ever wondered why gasoline is more expensive during the summer read on to find out.

How the Heat Affects Gasoline

Gasoline releases several hydrocarbon emissions that are dangerous to our health and pollute our environment. The heat induces a higher consumption of fluids and causes gasoline emissions to increase. In the summer, the levels of pollution elevate even more and are much more concentrated due to the increase in heat. In an effort to combat this, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a program that established the transition for a ¨special¨ gasoline during the summer.

Summer Fuel Is Different and More Expensive

Whether you realize it or not, the type of fuel that your vehicle uses in the summer is different from the one it uses the rest of the year. From late May and early June to mid-September, all gasoline stations switch over to ¨summer fuel¨ and only supply this type of special fuel. This special summer fuel contains a blend of additives that enable it to better handle the heat and reduce the toxic emissions caused by its burn off.  The production of this type of special fluid causes an increase in gasoline prices because of two main reasons. One, the ingredients to create it have a higher cost, and two, the production conditions elevate the price. Fuel refineries need to briefly shut down before they are able to start producing this special type of fuel. This causes a reduction in supply and combined with the fact that summer driving means more demand, all of it adds up to higher gasoline prices.

The Heat Also Affects Conventional Motor Oil but not Synthetic Oil

The performance of your engine depends greatly on the type of motor oil you use. Since the heat affects all fluids, including motor oil, it is vital that you rely on a durable type of motor oil such as AMSOIL synthetic oil. Regular motor oils do not last very long in high temperatures. The heat dismantles the lubricating properties of conventional motor oil and diminishes its ability to protect the engine. On the other hand, synthetic oil is strong enough to combat the heat and cool off the engine. It also has an incredible ability to withstand very high degrees without becoming impaired by them.

How to Save on Gasoline With Synthetic Oil Changes

Synthetic oil not only performs perfectly in the hot summer temperatures but it also provides other great benefits such as improved fuel economy.  When the engine is working it requires fuel to power all the functions it carries out. Friction inside the engine creates both heat and resistance that causes the engine to work harder. The harder the engine works to complete the functions the more gasoline it needs. Synthetic oil eases the work of the engine by providing superb lubrication that greatly reduces friction and minimizes the struggle. AMSOIL has the best line of synthetic oil to meet the needs of every engine. Contact us now and save on gasoline this summer with a synthetic oil change.

Use the Right Motor Oil Grade or You Could Be Consuming More Fuel Than You Really Should

In our previous post, we discussed the very important function that the lubrication system has and how it works. Since each engine has different lubrication needs it is important that you not only choose synthetic oil but also that you select the right grade of motor oil for your engine. Make sure to read your vehicle´s owner manual and buy the right motor oil for the specifications of your engine. Not doing so, can cause your vehicle to consume more fuel. To learn more about this and other very simple maintenance tips that will improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, check out Toyota´s recommendations in this article.

Summer Savings With the Best Synthetic Oil Change in San Carlos

Since the summer causes a direct impact on your vehicle and your economy. There is no better way to save and protect your engine than with a synthetic oil change. Call us today at (650) 346-5605 and obtain the best products for the summer protection of your engine with AMSOIL.

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