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Dirt Bike Lubrication

Regardless of the type of motorcycle you have, it´s important to always carry out the proper maintenance task. We previously discussed a few important maintenance tasks that motorcycles require, but today we want to focus more on dirt bikes. Dirt bikes face different conditions and have more demanding lubrication needs. The following information can help you to better determine how to keep your dirt bike properly lubricated.

Two-Stroke vs. Four-stroke Dirt Bikes

Both two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes can serve their purpose and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Some may argue that one is better than the other  but it is really up to the rider to decide what type of dirt-bike they prefer most. The difference in a two-stroke dirt bike and four-stroke one is their engine. A two-stroke engine works in a simplified manner carrying out only two processes: compression and combustion. While a four-stroke engine carries out four more complete processes: intake, compression, combustion, and exhaustion.

Two-Stroke Dirt Bikes

Two-stroke engines are known because of their lightweight and more powerful motor kick and higher speeds. The engine fires up  in each revolution of the crankshaft and this leads to a faster release of power. As the pistons are lifted the combustion chamber fills up with with the perfect mix of air, fuel, and oil. When compressed the spark plug ignites this, creating an explosion that pushes the pistons back down. This continuous processes creates two strokes, hence the name of the type of engine. Both a compression stroke and a combustion stroke occur for each single ignition. It´s quick combustion and compression process allows it to reach better speeds and repeated burst of power. However, this same burst of power can cause two-stroke bikes to be more unstable and hard to handle.

Two-Stroke Engine Lubrication

The main downside to two-stroke dirt bikes is their instability and constant release of burned off oil. The parts of a two-stroke engine are lubricated at the same time that the engine is fueled and powered. That is why the lubricants that two-stroke engines use are a mix of fuel and oil. Since the motor oil lubricates while the fuel is burned off it releases nasty fumes. Newer bikes have gotten better at improving burn off but it is important to also be more conscious of the products you use. Two stroke oil is generally found in premix but there are some two stroke engines that require injector safe oil. When buying premix motor oil for you two-stroke engine, be sure to check the fuel to motor oil ratio that your bike uses. Read this post on the Dirt Bike Tips and Pics website for more details on oil to fuel ratio.

Dirt Bike Lubrication For Every Type of Engine

Since the lubrication needs of two-stroke engines are very different than those of a four-stroke, it is important that you use the right kind of motor oil. Otherwise, you could definitely ruin your engine. Consult your owner´s manual to know all the details on the kind of motor oil that your dirt bike engine requires.  AMSOIL has both two-stroke and four-stroke oils that are of the highest quality and that meet different engine needs. Contact Austin Synthetics for help selecting the ideal products for your specific dirt bike.

Four-Stroke Dirt Bikes

Four-stroke dirt bikes have a more intricate system as they carry out four processes instead of two. The engine only ignites once every two revolutions of the crankshaft. This gives it a more stable and predictable power and constant engine strength that is easier to control. Their better control and stability also facilitates riding and reduces the demand for effort on trails. New riders find four-stroke dirt bikes easier to manage and ride because they have to spend less time braking, clutching and shifting.  Even though four-stroke engines have more parts they also have sturdy engine pieces that make them easy to care for and require less maintenance. However, the fact that they do have more complex pieces can also make repair more expensive.  Four-stroke dirt bikes use oil similar to that of a car because it also comes in different oil grades but it is not identical in the fact that it needs a different additive package and more corrosive protection.

Just What You Need for Your Dirt Bike´s Synthetic Oil Change in Redwood City

It is important to ensure that your dirt bike stays well lubricated and that the oil inside it remains in good conditions. The motor oil in your dirt bike needs to be changed after every ride or around every 10 riding hours. When you use synthetic oil your dirt bike´s performance and durability improves. It can also protect your engine for longer than most conventional dirt bike lubricants. Contact Austin Synthetics at (650) 346-5605 to get the best AMSOIL motor oil for your dirt bike, today.

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