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In a previous post, we had discussed how the oil system works and why it is important to rely on quality lubrication for the protection of your engine. When choosing a motor oil for your engine it is important to take into consideration what it is you want from your motor oil. Are you looking for the best protection and durability? Or are you simply looking for something to make the engine parts more slick for a few miles? Today we want to discuss the benefits and advantages that synthetic oil provides so you can start making a wiser decision in regards to your engine lubrication options.

7 Reasons to Always Choose Synthetic Oil

  1. Any kind of engine can benefit from it. One of the greatest things about synthetic oil is that any type of engine or motor is able to take advantage of the many benefits it provides. Of course, there are different types of synthetic oils to match the needs of the engines whether it be a motorcycle, a car, a truck, a motor home, a boat, or even a lawnmower or other type of appliance. Synthetic oil offers a greater level of protection and lubrication. AMSOIL offers the top synthetic oil for every kind of engine, increasing their durability and performance. Contact us now and obtain the best synthetic oil for any type of motor. 
  2. Incredible resilience to harsh conditions. One of the most outstanding qualities of synthetic oil is the fact that it can withstand more severe conditions in a more resilient form. Its molecular composition is formulated to stand strong against long drives, difficult weather, and prolonged use. Factors such as high heat and low degrees would normally affect conventional oil but synthetic oil is much more tolerant to all of these conditions.
  3. Heat protection. We previously mentioned how the heat is a factor that greatly affects the fluids in our engines. Well, fuel is not the only type of fluid that needs to be better adapted to high degrees. Regular oil tends to thin out and lose the ability to properly lubricate when faced with intense heat and it ends up breaking down. However, synthetic oil continues to perform superbly when faced with intense temperatures and it is able to withstand them without a problem.
  4. Offers a greater level of lubrication. The fact that synthetic oil is not easily affected by the temperature or other conditions makes it the most outstanding form of engine lubrication. Friction is always a factor inside the engine, and without sufficient lubrication, the engine pieces begin to suffer, wear out and break down. It is highly necessary that the motor oil you use can properly lubricate and coat the pieces so that they can stay protected and the engine can continue to function without damage.
  5. Sludge prevention and elimination. This is a very important subject that we previously discussed in more detail. Sludge and buildup cause severe difficulties such as clogs that prevent the engine from properly working. Since worn out motor oil is part of the problem you can easily prevent sludge by changing the oil as necessary and using synthetic oil which as we mentioned, is much more resilient.
  6. Long lasting oil changes. Another great benefit is that you can save a lot with synthetic oil changes because it lasts much longer than regular motor oil. This means that because it is sturdier and more resilient it takes twice as long or even longer to wear out than what regular motor oil would take.  This reduces the amount of oil changes you need to get and helps you to save money in the long run and also saves you time. Not to mention it keeps your engine safer for longer.
  7. Reduced volatility. In regards to the oil, volatility is the rate at which the oil begins to evaporate. As we have already mentioned regular motor oils are not able to withstand severe temperatures as well as synthetic oil. Therefore, due to their weaker structure conventional motor oils tend to evaporate at a much faster rate. Conventional motor oil has an evaporation loss of around 20%. Synthetic oil does not offer such a violent loss and it is usually well under 15%. AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic oil has an evaporation loss of less than 8%. That is less than half of the loss that a regular motor oil would suffer.  All of this improves the protection and performance of the oil enhancing the efficiency and safety of your engine.

Discover the Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Changes in Belmont

Do not wait to start taking advantage of all the incredible benefits that synthetic oil provides. Protect and improve your engine today with a synthetic oil change and start to experience its advantages. Call Austin Synthetics at (650) 346-5605 today.

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