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Synthetic Oil and the Lubrication System
Your engine works very hard to keep your vehicle in working order, and it depends on many different systems to help it get the job done. One of the most important systems is the lubrication system. Without it, the engine parts would quickly break down and cause the engine to stop working. Today, at Austin Synthetics, we want to explain the job of the lubrication system.

The Job of the Lubrication System
The lubrication system works to fight off friction and protects the engine with an oily substance known as  motor oil. The motor oil is the most important part of the lubricating system as it is the fluid that travels and does the actual job of lubricating. That is why it is important to use a reliable synthetic oil, such as AMSOIL. The rest of the oil parts are there to make sure the oil circulates correctly and in the right amount.

How the Lubrication System Works
When the engine is in need of lubrication the oil pump suctions out the oil from the oil pan and into the pickup tube.  Then, the oil has to pass through the oil filter where dirt, and other particles that the oil may have previously picked up, are removed. The oil is then spread out to the engine parts that need lubrication, through the spurt holes and galleries. After the oil has coated the engine parts, it slips down into the oil pan where it will either continue the cycle or wait until the engine is turned on again.

Help the Lubrication System to Best Protect the Engine With a Synthetic Oil Change in San Mateo County, CA
To best protect your engine make sure the lubrication system is working well and always use synthetic oil. Synthetic oil provides the best engine lubrication and protection. AMSOIL synthetic oil not only eliminates the effects of friction but also covers your engine against other harmful factors. Contact us now, and learn more about what AMSOIL can do for your vehicle.

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