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Synthetic Oil Changes and Other Important Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks

More and more often motorcycles have become the preferred form of transportation because of the many advantages they offer. They aren't just fast and fuel efficient, they are also very space efficient and less expensive. Now, even though most of these slick and speedy machines are reliable, they still need care and maintenance just like all other vehicles.

6 Things You Can Do to Properly Maintain Your Motorcycle

  1. Follow the instructions in the owner's manual. The most important thing you can do is to read and constantly consult your owner's manual. Depending on the type of motorcycle you own, your bike may require more or less routine care, but in general, most motorcycles have a few general areas that need to be inspected and regularly maintained. Since each motorcycle is different, you will need to revise the manual to know how to complete the necessary maintenance tasks for your specific model. That will give you more accurate and specific guidance as to what areas you need to focus on and how often.
  2. Regularly check and change the oil. Your bike's performance depends on the engine and the engine relies on quality lubrication to perform well. That is why just like with any other vehicle, it is essential that you stay on top of the oil in your motorcycle's engine. Verify that there is always enough oil running and that it is of good quality. Keeping the motor oil in a good state depends on what type of oil you use and on how  good you are at changing it as needed. The oil in your motorcycle will generally need to be changed every 3,000 miles, but this varies greatly depending on your driving habits and the type of oil you use. For more reliability, longer protection, and greater duration, use synthetic oil. AMSOIL synthetic oil provides more benefits and amazing friction protection that will help prolong the engine durability in your motorcycle. Contact Austin Synthetics and start using the ideal synthetic oil for your motorcycle today.
  3. Inspect the brakes. Ensuring that the clutch and brakes are operating well is crucial. Any malfunction with the brakes can be disastrous and deadly.  The brake fluid should be checked and topped off as needed. The brake pads should have a sufficient thickness and must be in good state. If this isn't the case, they may need to be replaced. If the brakes are slow to respond or you notice any problems, immediately get your motorcycle checked out and do not continue to risk your life driving your bike in that state.
  4. Check the tires. Checking the tires is also a necessary task that should be done more regularly than most others. Since the tires are always exposed to the dangers of the road, they can wear out or deflate suddenly. There are a few precautions you should always take. First, it is important to check the tire levels every time you fill up on gas. Tires that are not inflated properly can cause problems and may lead to a dangerous drive. Next, learn to use the tire gauge and carry it around at all times. You should always carry a low-pressure tire gauge. Use it as often as possible and learn how your tires should feel when they are properly inflated.
  5. Lubricate the chain. The chain needs to be lubricated and it is best to do so after every ride when it is still warm. This will allow the lubrication to be applied more easily. Use an efficient chain lube spray for a fast and effortless application.
  6. Consult the experts. You don't need to be an expert at everything. There may still be a few maintenance task you may not be able to complete confidently and that is ok. Regularly check what you can and leave the rest to an expert, but be sure to not neglect the care your motorcycle needs. If you should detect a problem that needs attention, the smartest move is to get a professional to look at it before it becomes a bigger issue.

The Right Care for Your Motorcycle With a Synthetic Oil Change

There are several issues and risks that can be easily avoided by maintaining and caring for your motorcycle. Remember that a safe bike starts with a well-functioning engine and parts that are in top shape. Make sure that all areas of your motorcycle stay in good state with AMSOIL products. Call (650) 346-5605 today and let Austin Synthetics help keep your ride safe and in shape.

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