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Synthetic Oil is Ideal for Dealing With Sludge

All vehicle engines must fight off several factors that can potentially harm their performance and internal parts. We previously mentioned how the heat affects engine fluids such as gasoline and motor oil. Yet, there are also other dangerous factors that the engine must regularly combat. Some of those harmful factors are friction, extreme temperatures, sludge and other types of buildup. Today are going to focus on how sludge buildup can harm your engine and what you can do to prevent this.

What is Engine Buildup?

Engine buildup is any type of gunky material that forms deposits or accumulates in the engine. These deposits can make their way into different areas of the engine and cause problems. Different types of engine buildup can be caused by different accumulations. Some of the most common types of buildup include sludge, soot, soil, fluid residues and even regular dirt.  In general, regular check-ups and an efficient maintenance routine can help your engine stay clear of buildup. However, there are several additional things you can do to avoid sludge from taking over your engine.

Sludge Information and Prevention

Sludge is a common type of buildup found inside the engine. It is created when the motor oil deteriorates and turns into a sticky, dark-looking substance. Sludge buildup can become very harmful if left unattended because it can block important passages and clog up areas that are vital to the performance of the engine. If sludge becomes very abundant the lubrication system will start to suffer and the entire engine will be at risk. The good news is that sludge, is a type of buildup, that is not hard to prevent.

Synthetic Oil Changes are the Simplest and Most Efficient Way to Avoid and Eliminate Sludge

Since sludge is the result of motor oil breakdown it is vital that you use a strong engine lubricant that is not easily altered by the harsh conditions and temperatures that the engine may face. Your best option is always synthetic oil. Synthetic oil has an incredibly high tolerance to any temperature and can easily overcome most driving conditions. AMSOIL full synthetic oil is the ideal motor oil for all your engine lubrication needs. It has a strong formula that prevents sludge and helps eliminate deposits that may have already formed. Contact Austin Synthetics, to learn more and try out AMSOIL today.

What Causes Sludge?

  • Motor oil breakdown.  Over time, most lubricants lose their lubricating properties and begin to burn out and stick to the engine. Regular motor oils have less resistance and start to wear out sooner, this makes them more vulnerable to sludge and can create unwanted clumps and clogs.
  • Lower quality lubricants.  Some motor oils are more propense to create sludge than others. Conventional motor oils have a more fragile molecular composition and tend to wear out faster. However, paraffinic-based motor oils have an even higher tendency to form sludge.  These type of conventional motor oils derive from a wax base. They are filtered over and over and undergo an extensive refining process. Yet, because of their foundational structure, there is often a minor trace of wax particles still left behind that are not completely filtered out. The wax particles can accumulate over time causing a more abundant amount of sludge. This happens most when oil changes are not carried out religiously.
  • Condensation. Moisture that builds up can lead to drops of water making their way inside the oil. Even the smallest amount of water inside the motor oil can cause the oil to become contaminated and to more easily form sludge.
  • Other contaminants. Dirt, environmental pollutants, and other particles or filth can eventually make its way into the engine and be picked up by the oil. Depending on the oil´s tolerance to these particles some may start to lose lubricating properties faster than others. Still, eventually all motor oils will become saturated by these contaminants and if not changed on time they will start to form sludge and spread around the dirty residue.

Get Rid of Sludge Problems With the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Redwood City

Sludge can also be found in other areas of the engine such as in the radiator (read more on this, here) and it is important to properly deal with these issues in order to avoid engine problems. By using AMSOIL synthetic oil you can ensure that your engine will be protected by the most efficient type of engine lubrication and there will be a much lower chance of sludge contamination. However, it is necessary that you stay on top of your synthetic oil changes and that you tend to all the engine maintenance on a regular basis. Call us today at (650) 346-5605 and receive all the benefits from AMSOIL´s quality products.

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