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Quality motorcycle oil. Characteristics of good motorcycle lubrication. The importance of changing your bike's oil.

The Importance of Motorcycle Oil

Motorcycles are different than cars in many aspects but they both share a crucial and common maintenance need. Lubrication. Quality lubrication is a must for all engine shapes and sizes. Yet, when it comes to motorcycles it is even more important that you keep your engine lubricated and protected because any failure in the engine can lead to a more dangerous accident for the rider. Today, we will discuss why oil changes are such an important part of your bike´s maintenance and how you can ensure that your engine stays protected.

Ensure That Your Motorcycle Engine Stays Safe with Synthetic Lubrication

The engine carries out the main functions that help your motorcycle function correctly while on the road. It is necessary that all parts of the engine be properly working in order to avoid engine malfunction. The most constant danger that the engine faces is the risk of wear, tear, and harm at the hands of friction. Since friction is a constant factor that the engine has to combat, it relies on a trustworthy ally: motor oil.  Motor oil circulates through the internal parts of your motorcycle engine to coat the moving pieces that face friction.  Select products that are high-quality and efficient. AMSOIL carries the most resistant and effective synthetic lubricants for motorcycles. Try their products today and select the ideal synthetic oil for your engine by contacting Austin Synthetics right now.

Good Lubrication is a Vital Part of Motorcycle Maintenance

We had previously shared some advice regarding the maintenance needs of your bike. In that past post, we briefly mentioned how oil changes are a vital part of your motorcycle´s maintenance tasks. Yet, it is necessary that we dig a little deeper into what it means to truly provide quality lubrication for your bike. There are three main things that your motorcycle requires in order for the engine to be efficiently lubricated. One, the engine oil must be of good quality and it must be the adequate one for your specific bike. Two, the oil levels must be maintained at a sufficient amount. Three, the oil must remain in good conditions.

3 Things That Ensure Good Lubrication for Your Motorcycle

  1. Use the best quality and select the right fit. The quality of the oil you use on your bike motor will mark the difference in durability, performance, and protection. Synthetic oil creates an ideal layer of protection that withstands all kinds of rough conditions such as heat and tough riding. It provides the best level of lubrication for the protection of your motorcycle engine and creates a smoother functioning in the engine that translates to better horsepower, higher performance, and safer driving. It is not only important that you use synthetic base lubrication but also that you select the right oil for the needs of your engine. Based on the model and engine type you need to look for the lubricant that matches your manufacturer´s requirements. Check the owner´s manual for more information on what lubricants you should be using on your bike.
  2. Effective oil levels. The amount of oil in your motorcycle will also make a huge difference. No matter how great the quality of the motor oil is, if there isn´t enough oil circulating through the engine, it will not be able to protect it. Check the oil levels in your bike regularly, around every week or so depending on the use you give it. If you notice the levels are decreasing unusually it is necessary that you check for leaks or take it directly to a professional so this problem can be directly addressed before it becomes a big complication.
  3. Keep the oil in good conditions. In order for the motorcycle oil to remain in good conditions, you must change it as needed. Even if you use quality lubricants, with time and use, oil wears out and needs to be replaced. Motorcycle oils are formulated to last around 3,000 miles before it becomes affected by different factors and it necessary to change it. However, synthetic oil is more durable and can go longer before needing to be changed. Motorcycles that use synthetic oil usually go about 4,500 to 5,000 miles between changes. Worn out oil does your bike no good. Instead of helping it stay protected, it can begin to create sludge and may cause the engine problems.  To learn how to complete an oil change in your motorcycle, read this article.

Motorcycle Synthetic Oil Change in San Mateo County

Do not risk your safety and the durability of your motorcycle engine. Start this year right by getting a synthetic oil change for your motorcycle. Call (650) 346-5605 to talk to the lubrication experts at Austin Synthetics and experience the improved performance and higher quality coverage of AMSOIL.

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