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Maintenance Advice to Keep Your Boat in Good Shape

Watercrafts, no matter what kind, all require care and maintenance. Many make the wrong assumption that if they don´t use their boat year round or all that often, then they don´t need to complete regular maintenance as often. However, the contrary is true. The less often that you use your boat the more you need to stay on top of its maintenance needs and complete regular inspections. With this in mind, we want to share a few important maintenance tasks that boats require.

Protect Your Engine from Friction and Wear

Inspecting and changing the oil in your boat is one of the most important things you need to do. If the lubrication that your marine engine relies on is not in good conditions it will greatly affect the performance of the engine and in the long run, will decrease the durability. The first thing you need to do is determine what kind of boat you have and what kind of engine it relies on. Most boats that are  manufactured today have four-stroke engines which can simplify lubrication and makes them more fuel efficient. However, you may still own or encounter a two-stroke boat and it is important to know the difference. You will need to consult the owner´s manual to verify what type of lubricant your marine engine requires.

Use Quality Marine Lubricants

No matter what kind of oil grade or type your engine requires, or whether it is two-stroke or four-stroke, you should always use quality lubricants designed especially for marine engines. There are also two-stroke and four-stroke lubricants for motorcycles but you always verify that you are using marine oil. This ensures that the motor stays protected as best as possible. Synthetic lubricants also provide better performance and more efficient protective properties. AMSOIL offers quality lubricants that will aid your marine engine in every task. Buy the best products for your boat today. Contact Austin Synthetics at (650) 346-5605 and try AMSOIL right now.

Check the Oil and Know When to Replace It

Checking the oil is a very necessary task and should not be postponed. Under regular conditions, most boats require an oil change around every 100 hours of operation. However, oil checks allow you to notice any inconsistencies or contaminants that might reduce its efficiency, as well as any decrease in levels. This helps you to know more accurately just when your marine oil should be changed. Keep in mind that even if you have not used your boat all that much or very often it is still necessary that you change the oil and even more important that you check it before heading out on the waters. With time and the lack of circulation, the oil can become contaminated and change its composition becoming acidic or harmful to the engine. Therefore, it is important that whether you use your boat a lot or not that often, you still stay on top of oil changes and checks.

Other Boat Maintenace Tasks

  • Wash your boat. It is also important that you take care of the exterior of your boat. Washing your boat after every use and ensuring that salt water does not corrode it can also provide internal benefits. By rinsing away the salt water with fresh water and boat wash, you will prevent any of those corrosive particles from making their way into vital components. It also helps your boat stay in good shape on the outside.
  • Check the propeller. Checking the propellers ensures that the boat functions properly as well. Be sure to remove the propellers several times throughout the season and remove any discarded fish line or other junk that may have gotten trapped. Also, inspect it and verify that it is in good shape. Dents, cracks and other damage that may look insignificant can actually become big problems and cause failure later on. Add waterproof grease to ensure it can freely rotate and without getting stuck and stay alert to any unusual or excessive vibrations that may cause harm to the bearings and surrounding areas.
  • Other. There are other areas that you should also verify to ensure your boat is in good shape. Read your owner´s manual to know what additional precautions and maintenance tasks you need to complete in regards to your specific type of boat. Also, remember that with winter here, it is important that you winterize your boat and marine engine. Click here for more information on winter care for your watercraft.

Synthetic Oil Change Products in Belmont for Your Boat

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